Applications for the reference group are now closed. More information to come on the launch in November 2019.

People with lived experience of mental ill-health are key to driving better health outcomes by participating, influencing and leading mental health initiatives.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) wants to provide opportunities for people with lived experience to lend their voices to recovery at work. Two projects are underway:

  • A reference group to support the development of initiatives within SIRA's recovery @ work program.
  • A model for engaging people with lived experience of mental ill-health to inform the development and evaluation of relevant programs.

The reference group will:

  • be co-chaired by a person with lived experience of workplace mental health recovery and a person representing workplaces
  • include people with diverse experiences and a range of perspectives, including:
    • people with lived experience of mental health recovery at work
    • people working in and representing various industries
    • people who live in different parts of NSW
    • people of various ages, genders and cultural identities
  • take a collaborative approach, to help define and develop a clearer picture of recovery at work and how it can be improved
  • help develop and implement the program by sharing personal expertise as well as seeking feedback and support from networks
  • meet approximately six times per year, usually in Sydney, although video-conferencing is available.

For further information email: