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Free work health and safety advice

The free WHS advice program is delivered by phone and video conferencing by Assure Programs and provides your business with free coaching by trained psychologists.

The service supports you with information on how to manage teams remotely, help individuals through this challenging time to handle sensitive workplace situations. It will also assist you in creating a mental health development plan for your organisation.

By taking part in the WHS advice program, you will learn about factors impacting on the mental health of your workplace, how to manage them, how to encourage a positive workplace culture, and how to connect to support if you need to.

Assure Programs will help you develop  a mentally healthy workplace plan that can deliver real benefits to your business. These include higher staff engagement, retention and productivity.

The program provides

Confidentiality through a third-party provider
Tailored mental health workplace development plan
Support to build your mental health capability
Assistance to assess and manage your mental health workplace factors
De-identified reporting

Who can apply?

Any NSW private sector business with more than 5 and less than 200 employees.