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Raise awareness and educate

Increasing knowledge of mental health and mental ill-health is an important early step to improving mental health in your workplace. Education can help you and your team understand to how common mental ill-health is, contributing factors and what simple steps you can take to look after yourself and support others at work.

Education and training in the workplace to improve understanding about mental health can also:

  • improve attitudes and language about mental health, and reduce stigma
  • increase confidence, readiness and skills to support others
  • encourage people to seek help early and connect to support services
  • pave the way for people to participate in wellbeing activities that help prevent mental health issues
  • provide people with the skills to proactively take care of their own mental health.

Increase mental health knowledge

Nearly 1 in 6 Australian workers are experiencing mental ill-health1 now

In workplaces where people understand mental ill-health one can more easily recognise early signs, and respond if one of their colleagues needs support.

Workplaces can access or offer mental health training face-to-face or online. Heads Up has a directory of training options, so you can choose one that suits your workplace.

If you’re in construction, Mates in Construction offers training tailored for your industry.

You can raise awareness of mental ill-health and illness by:

See how mental health training has increased supportive behaviour at Caterpillar mining.

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Manager training

As a manager, you have a unique opportunity to support your team to be their best every day and impact the productivity and success of your business.

Free manager training is now available. Find out more or Apply Now

Outside of this free program, many providers offer manager training programs for workplaces. In choosing a provider, it is important to consider whether training is informed by evidence and suitable for the needs of your workplace. Explore training options with this directory from Heads Up.

Learn from others - case studies

Case studies are a great way to learn from the experience of others and see how others are taking action, and how you can take similar steps in your own workplace. Check out case studies now.

Share your story

Are you running education and training programs and seeing a positive difference in your workplace? Inspire others by sharing your story.

Training opportunities

Check out:

  • Heads Up - directory of face to face and online education and training programs. They also run workplace webinars and podcasts
  • SuperFriend - workplace training programs for managers and workers
  • Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health - events calendar with suicide prevention and mental health training and events available in rural and regional areas
  • Safe Work Australia - mental health webinar series.

  1. UTS & The University of Sydney, Mentally healthy workplaces: a return-on-investment study, 2017