A mentally healthy workplace benefits everyone — and everyone has an important part to play.

Steps and actions

Some steps are small. Some are big. Some are quick and cost-effective. Others take time and money. But they all have one thing in common: with every action, your workplace will be closer to being mentally healthy where every person and your business can thrive.

Taking integrated action across these four action areas will help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

These steps work best when you choose the ones that most appropriately meet your needs from across the four action areas and incorporate these strategies across your whole workplace.

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Lead change

As a manager, you can make a big difference to the mental health of your workers.

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Promoting mental health

You have a real opportunity to introduce valuable mental health programs and resources in your workplace.

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Ways of working

When workplaces have clear mental health approaches everyone can make better choices to protect workers’ health and safety and keep a business running well.

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Create change together

Collaboration and mentoring are powerful tools to help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Employers of choice

Being an employer of choice means you’ve created a great place to work, where the people want to work for you.

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Ambassador program

Our ambassador program involves leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and experience about mental health.

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