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Ambassador program

Our ambassador program involves leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and experience about mental health, to show why you should take action, what you can do and what your workplace has to gain.

You might not know why mental health at work matters or you might know that a mentally healthier workplace is good for your workforce and your business, but you don’t know where to start. One place you can start is to learn from others who are committed and leading the way in workplace mental health. That’s where our ambassadors can help.

Our ambassadors are committed to proactively promoting mentally healthy workplaces and driving widespread improvements. They speak out and share their insights, experience and resources online. They lead by example and collaborate with and mentor others, to create more mentally healthy workplaces across NSW.

Meet our ambassadors


Ambassador: Mr John Brogden

Organisation: Landcom

Role: Chief Executive Officer

Industry type: Public administration and safety

Size: Medium 20-199  employees


Ambassador: Mr Graham Ragg

Organisation: Western Earthmoving Pty Ltd

Role: Managing Director

Industry type: Construction

Size: Medium 20-199 employees


Ambassador: Dr Peter Cock

Organisation: Newcastle Airport

Role: CEO

Industry type: Transport

Size: Medium 20-199 employees


Ambassador: Ms Tracy Edwards

Organisation: Jacobs

Role: Director of Operations, Transport – Eastern

Industry type: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services  (engineers, scientists, architects and planners)

Size: Global organisation with over 75,000 employees


Ambassador: Mr Ross Jones

Role: Former Vice President and Executive Director of Strategic Growth, Jacobs’ AsiaPac and Middle East Region. Current CEO of the Anglican Church Growth Corporation (ACGC)

Ross Jones is a passionate advocate of mental health awareness.  He has shared his personal journey with mental illness and provides valuable lessons learnt of integrating mental health initiatives into the workplace, as he did with Jacobs’ award-winning mental health program that started in Sydney and ended up being implemented globally.

Of particular importance to Ross is taking preventative action to maintain positive mental health, but also to normalise mental illness so that workplaces can create an environment where it is okay for people to put their hand up and ask for help.

Hear what our ambassadors have to say about the program

Watch our Ambassador, Mr John Brogden discussing mental health and the steps that Landcom have taken to address issues.

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