Take action

Create change together

Collaboration and mentoring are powerful tools to help you create a mentally healthy workplace. You can learn from others and share your knowledge and experiences to improve mental health both in your workplace and across NSW.

Whether you’re a manager or a worker, regardless of the size of your workplace, or what industry you work in, you have the power to make a big difference.

Find, use and share knowledge

Here are some ways you can use or share knowledge to build skills and improve mental health:

  • Learn from case studies and personal stories where Australian workers and managers talk about how they improved mental health in the workplace.
  • Share your story in a workplace or personal case study; share information or resources with others through your networks or on your website or become an ambassador.
  • Join or create networks to learn and share knowledge. For example, WayAhead Workplaces has regular meetings with experts and businesses of all sizes across sectors to share knowledge, facilitate and encourage collaboration. They also have helpful resources and tools for members.
  • Collaborate on research and trials - for example, develop or pilot workplace interventions, and collaborate on projects or events. More information about these opportunities is still to come but in the meantime, you could start by contacting WayAhead Workplaces, Black Dog Institute, Everymind or the Centre for Work Health and Safety to register your interest.
  • Benchmarking can be a great way to share success or reach out for assistance to help you improve.
  • Applying for safety, workplace mental health or employers of choice awards and registers are also a great way to promote achievements and share your story and benefits. For example the APS Workplace Excellence Awards, AON Best Employer Awards, WayAhead Workplace ­Mental Health Matters Awards, the SafeWork NSW Awards, the Employer of Choice Awards or Great Place To Work which lists the best organisations to work for in Australia and around the world.

Find out more about our ambassador program.

Learn and grow

If you're just starting out on your journey to a mentally healthy workplace, you may benefit from more hands-on support and guidance. If this sounds like you, here are some great ways you can reach out and learn from others:

  • Join the SafeWork NSW mentor program where small businesses (mentees) learn from larger businesses (mentors) with more experience on ways to improve mental and physical health and safety in their workplace. Also check out the National Mental Health Commission’s Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship.
  • Participate in workplace mental health events. The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health runs events, including a symposium for professionals who are passionate about improving mental health services and outcomes in rural and remote Australia.
  • Join the WayAhead Workplaces network as a member to attend events and get resources to keep you up to date with current research, projects, collaboration opportunities, training and online tools.

Discover more great learning opportunities.

We’re all in this together

Contributing to a positive inclusive culture and building relationships with others can also help you and everyone around you stay connected and mentally healthy.

You can help people:

  • confidently support others who may be struggling
  • reach out for help and feel supported on their journey back to mental health.

When everyone feels confident supporting mental health at work, the positive effects can shine through in individuals, across teams, entire workplaces and beyond into families and communities.

With strong relationships and providing the best support at the right time, you can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Working together for change is a great way to help become an employer of choice. Find out more.