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Employers of choice

Being an employer of choice means you’ve created a great place to work, where the people want to work for you. There are many benefits to being an employer of choice.

Attract and keep great workers

An employer of choice study1 found that creating a mentally healthy workplace is a powerful way to attract and keep great workers and their knowledge on board. The study found:

  • Three quarter of workers say a mentally healthy workplace is important when looking for a new job.
  • The second-most important factor in a workers’ decision to accept a new position was whether they considered a workplace to be mentally healthy.
  • The second-most powerful reason for a worker to stay in their job is whether their workplace was friendly and supportive, and promoted and protected the mental health of its workers.
  • Half then workers surveyed left a workplace due to an environment of poor mental health.

Find out more about the benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Some businesses are leading the way in creating mentally healthy workplaces. They’ll soon have the chance to be celebrated and inspire other businesses to follow their lead. Stay tuned for more information.

Get a competitive edge

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a more supportive and productive workplace and get a competitive edge to find and keep the best people.

  • Show everyone how you’re supporting mental health at work.
  • Help everyone in your workplace know how to do this too.
  • Talk to workers to identify factors in your workplace and take action to prevent or reduce them.

Share wins and support others

Are you seeing positive change in your organisation from taking steps like these?

That’s great! You have a big opportunity to:

  • promote your organisation as an employer of choice
  • enter the Australian Business Awards for the Employer of Choice award
  • share stories and tips with others to help them create mentally healthy workplaces too.

A positive and inclusive workplace culture can help create better mental health at work – find out how.

  1. Instinct & Reason and beyondblue, Employer of Choice study, 2014