I am a worker

Free mental health skills training

Leading mental health research organisation the Black Dog Institute will help you learn about common mental health conditions, how to boost your resilience at work, and what supports are available if you need them.

You will also gain skills to have effective conversations about mental health, and learn about people’s rights and responsibilities when telling their employer about mental health issues. By taking part in this training, you will get access to evidence-based tools, resources and apps to help your wellbeing and build a mentally healthier workplace.

This training is for everyone in the workplace. If you can’t attend a workshop in person, you can do the training online.

The program provides information to

Improve your mental health literacy and knowledge of mental health in the workplace
Reduce stigmatising attitudes towards mental illness
Help you understand the issues and responsibilities around disclosure
Provide you with confidence and develop your skills to have effective conversations about mental health
Help you understand the range of support available inside and outside your workplace for yourself and others
Build your personal resilience and strategies to more effectively manage your own mental health at work

Who can apply?

Workers can apply for training or businesses can apply for their workers:
ParticipantsBoth workers and businesses must meet the following business size to be eligible

Micro-sized businesses (1-4 employees) 
Small-sized businesses (5-19 employees)  
Medium-sized businesses (20-199 employees)

IndustryOpen to businesses in any industry
RegionsTraining is now open to businesses in the Greater Sydney metro area and other NSW regions including Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong